Unique business niche for chocolate boutiques

For the last decade Europe is going crazy about chocolate boutiques. Any chocolate can be sold obscenely expensive if it is nicely decorated, surrounded by chic interior and has a label "handmade" or "organic". Entrepreneurs from Barcelona decided to start an interesting business in the niche of premium confectionery and founded an unusual chocolate brand. The chocolate brand United Indecent Pleasures was born in Barcelona and inspired by Casanova, Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron and other historical persons know for their indecent and hedonistic style of life. Company sells luxurious chocolate products with a strong erotic touch, like, for example, a 8-inche phallus made by maitre chocolatier Michel Laline. Customers can choose from a list of delicious filings such as Irish coffee liqueur, cointreau liqueur fondant etc. Each phallus that is made from natural ingredients and quality dark chocolate costs 89 EUR ($115). United Indecent Pleasures follows a growing business trend for 2011 - premiumization of products and services. They do it elegantly, their business idea is edgy, so there's no doubt that company has a promising future.

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