Unique gifts idea - gifts of service

The summer has just ended, but many of us already started to plan gifts for our friends and relatives for Christmas and New Year. The earlier you start, the more budget and time you can spend on choosing and preparing them. Today I want to share an idea of a truly unique gift. And,hopefully, it will be a salvation for those of you who have already exhausted all the resources of imagination. Seva Foundation, a US based international health organization which works in third world countries offers truly unusual gifts, the gifts of service as they call it. Anyone, who want to honor a friend, colleague or relative can spend from from $25 up to $1000 and even more to restore sight to a blind person, to restore natural resources or just to support a tribe or community. Everything is simple and easy: choose the gift, give a donation, receive a beautiful card that tells what the gift will achieve, give it to someone who you want to honor. Every year we give so many unnecessary gifts that are simply thrown away or find their places in the darkest corner of the attic. Why wouldn't spend your money n something that really matters, like peoples' health and quality of life? I'm 100% sure that such memorable gift will be highly appreciated by anyone who might receive it.

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