Successful women business idea - Skunkies

I am a working mom myself so I always get very inspired when find a story about successful mompreneurs who started an unusual business. My post today is about two women who invented an interesting product and founded a very successful company. Hope you'll get inspired just as I did! A stay-at-home mom Jill Levin was driving her son to a soccer tournament and realized that the smell in the car from his bag with sport gear was awful. That was when she decided to find a solution. Soon Jill and her friend Annemarie McCartney created a small business producing small sachets filled filled with special powder which eliminates the odor and kills bacterias – Skunkies. Skunkies are available in many attractive colours and can be used for anything that needs to be freshen up. Company was founded in 2009 and at the moment this unique product can be found in more then 150 stores. The price is about $3-6 depending on a style. Jill Levin and Annemarie McCartney shows a perfect example of how to search for inspiration for unique business idea in everyday life. Detect a problem that bothers you a lot, find a solution and sell it to others. That's an easy and yet effective formula of successful business.

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