Top 3 most profitable winter business ideas

Sun is still shining bright, memories of summer holidays are still vivid, but winter is not far and if you consider to earn some extra cash on winter business, then it's time for you to choose the right business idea. Here are some winter business ideas to serve as an inspiration: 1. Snow plowing Elderly people, the disabled and many other people like hard working citizens are unable or not willing to shovel the snow at their houses. Snow shoveling and plowing can be a very profitable winter business idea. Besides, it doesn't need a lot of skills or expensive equipment and can be a great source of additional income. 2. Mulled wine (Gluhwein) mobile kiosk Imagine a chilly and snowy afternoon in a city park. People enjoy a stroll in the park and suddenly they hear the aroma of wine and spices... Believe me, the majority of them will reach your kiosk within few minutes. Apart from mulled wine you can sell some simple and inexpensive hot snacks, hot tea and coffee. Such seasonal winter business is very popular in northern countries and, if you choose the right place, high profits are guaranteed. 3. Car towing service The majority of car owners try to prepare their vehicles when winter is coming to avoid any unpleasant situations on road. Yet there are many who don't take it too serious and when winter snowfalls come find themselves stuck on a driveway or at the side of a highway without any hope to get out. If properly advertised, car towing service in winter can be very successful and highly demanded.

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