Successful women business idea - BabbaBox

The modern world is a challenge for every woman. We have to be active members of society, good housekeepers and devoted mothers at the same time. And we still have same 24 hours as our mothers or grandmothers did. The only solution is to find way to make everyday routine as easy as possible and, thanks to hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs all around the world, it's no longer a problem. Jessica Kim, the founder of BabbaCo company, is among those who make our lives easier with their interesting business ideas. BabbaBox is a product for busy working moms that want to be savvy businesswomen as well as active and engaged moms just like the creator of the project, Jessica Kim. BabbaBox sells unique educational products for children. It is a monthly subscription box with activity kit for age-appropriate and educational games with parents, nannies or grandparents. Each month BabbaBox has different themes, like, for example, entomology with insect catcher, magnifying glass and much more included in the kit. Monthly subscription to babbaBox costs $29.99 and Bit has already become a demanded product. Company even a $1,2 million investment to help with expansion that proves that this unique business ideas has truly great perspectives.

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