Unique business idea for timeshare - backyard rent

"In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh; There;s nothing you can't do, now you're in New York..." sings Jay-Z and he's absolutely right! New York is a city where dreams come true and where many business ideas are born. Some of these business ideas are truly unique, like the one that I'm going to write about today. New York City, stone jungles, is a place where green space is strictly limited. Maybe that's the reason why new-yorkers are so intrigued by a new business called Timeshare Backyard. Timeshare Backyard give new-yorkers a possibility to rent nice grassy backyard for a summer party for a mere sum of $50/ per hour. Clients can also choose from additional equipment such as fully equipped grill, trampoline, beer pong table, kegs, a slip-n-slide, super soakers etc. All this for additional payment, of course. The yard or rent is situated in Manhattan's Lower East Side on 145 Ludlow Street and is rented by a creative company Participation Agency. Great and surely unusual business idea that can be realized in any big city with a lack of green grace for picnics. If you live in such city and own a cozy little backyard, then don't wait till someone else surpasses you!

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