Top 10 unique gift ideas

Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day seem to be a distant future, but these holidays will come much quicker then you expect. And it's always better to prepare all the presents in advance as closer it comes to the date, the more crowded it gets in the shopping molls and the less time you have to find an idea for a really unique gift for your loved ones. In 2009 I posted a top of 10 unusual Valentine presentsand it is still very popular among my readers. That's why I today decided to give you some few interesting ideas on unusual gifts for your friends and relatives. 1. Any nice present packed in seed gift wrap. unique gift wrap ideas A person who receives such gift can plant the paper which contains seeds of flowers, water it from time to time and soon he or she will enjoy blossom flowers. Paper itself is biodegradable. 2. USB Heating Blanket. unique gift A nice traditional heating blanket that was updates for use in XXI century – it heats by plugging into computer. 3. Solar Powered Night Light. These eco friendly lights soak the natural sun light and give it back at night time. The Best gift for moms!

4. Portable Solar Charger. From now on – no problems to charge your phone or laptop while travelling. 5. Bamboo Cotton Bath Robes. Very soft and light-weight bath robe that will be a great gift to anyone at any age. 6. Waru Leaf Journal with Cinnamon stick closure. Stylish, practical, unusual. And it helps to support artists from the third world countries. A presents that warm up the heart. 7. Neck & Shoulder Relaxation Tool. Can be purchased from many companies, has different styles and price ranges. But there's something in common – it's an unforgettale gift for those who's work is to sit infront of computer all day long. 8. Avocado Scooper. A very unusual kitchen tool that can be appreciated by your mom, cousin or best friend. Definitely a very unique gift! 9. Solar LED House Numbers. A very attractive and unique house number with modern design. These glowing numerals make finding people address easy. 10. Tibetan Singing Bowls. These bowls are design for sound healing, music therapy, chakra balancing and would be an unforgettable unique gift for someone who's practicing yoga and meditations. Please click "like" if you visit and enjoy it!

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