Unique jewelry ideas - Fluid Forms

When it comes to choosing a present to a very special person, it's always hard to find the right option. Unique jewelry could be the answer and keen entrepreneurs know it pretty well. There are a lot of interesting business ideas on producing unusual jewelry, like "It's my scar", for example. Today I present you another unique business idea for jewelers – location-based jewelry. Fluid Forms is an Austrian company that produces jewelery in a form of 3D landscape of any location that you wish – your home town, streets of Prague, Italians Alps etc. To create these fine jewelery company specialists use satellite image of the chosen place, computer-controlled processes and the hands of craftsmen. It takes about 14 days to produce and deliver unique pendants, earrings or other jewelry pieces to your doors. Such service is definitely not for everyone as a silver pendant that commemorates the landscape of your special place will cost about €300 ($400). I'm absolutely in love with the idea of Fluid Forms jeweleries – so edgy, unusual and so refine! Wish them all the best in their unique business!

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