Interesting business idea - wedding ring coffin

weddingring coffin If you marriage dies, what what would you do to the wedding ring? You can put it away into remote corners of a drawers, smelt it down and make beautiful pendant or... you can give your ring that is no longer needed a proper final resting place. The Wedding Ring Coffin is a new unique product offered by Jist Enterprises, LLC from NY. It is made of solid wood, has a dark glossy mahogany finish, black velvet lining and includes a ring insert. Such souvenir could be a perfect gift for your friends who has hard times passing through divorce and needs some good laugh and support from your side. The average price of the Wedding Ring Coffin on the Internet is $35. This unique small business was founded by a woman who knows what she is talking about – her seemingly happy marriage died after 20 years and inspired her to create this unusual product for all those who has similar experience. And, unfortunately for everyone and fortunately for her, there are hundred thousands of her friends in misfortune and potential clients. Besides, according to statistics, divorce business market grows each year so all kind of goods for divorce is a new business trend for 2012.

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