Top 5 unique travel business ideas

People who had a lot of travelling in their lives tend to be very selective and are willing to pay only for a very unique experience. Travel agencies all around the world are searching for such travel ideas and some of them succeed. Here are some great examples of unusual travel products from different countries: Nr. 1 – Country for Rent Xnet tour operator ( offers some truly unique venues for corporate events – real villages and city. Their project Rent a Country in cooperation with Lichtenstein was launched in 2006 and this unique business idea received coverage from such important, global news networks and journals as Reuters, CNN, the BBC, The Sunday Times, The New York Times and Newsweek. Since then their portfolio has developed and now they offer a whole range of villages for rent in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nr. 2 – Pizza Tours Scott's Pizza Tours ( is a NYC based travel agency specializing in pizza tours around the city. They know the best slices in NYC and offer very popular among young tourists pizzeria-hoping day trips. Nr. 3 – Small Business on a Death of Celebrities Dearly Departed Tours ( founded by Scott Michaels are based in Hollywood, California. They offer tours of Los Angeles, telling the tragical stories of death of the most controversial celebrities. An escorted journey through death, scandal, and murder as they call it. Nr. 4 – Lisbon Blind Tour Local Lisbon's travel agency Cabracega ( offer some very special city tour - Sensorial Lisbon. Tourists get blindfolded and blind guides take them for a walk to Alfama district – the ancient part of the city. During the tour guide tells a story about Lisbon's history and tourists carefully follow their feelings: catch smells and sounds of the city which they would never notice before. Nr. 5 – Unseen London Sock Mob Events (, a UK based company, offer a unique city tour - Unseen Tours of London. This project aims to provide tourists with a truly unique view of the city – tours are led by homeless Londoners which are carefully trained as guides. Group is taken on an entertaining walk through the street of London and tour guides speak about the city as well as about their own story and experience.

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