Unique small business - reinventing school pictures

Many years have passed since I graduated from school, but I still remember pretty well those boring annual photo sessions and disappointing photos which went straight to the darkest corner of my writing desk. That's why when I stumbled upon an article on a school photographer who make unique innovative children school pictures I got so inspired! Oh, how I wish my kid would bring me the same style pictures when she goes to school. A small, Brooklyn-based company called Stomping Ground has reinvented the school photo. No awkward photos with unnatural expressions, no strained smiles. Dennis Kleiman and his wife Kelsey let kids be kids. Let them celebrate themselves how they choose, laugh and dance, wear the Batman costume or the princess tiara. The result is stunning – charming photos full of life which reflect the unique personality of each kid. Kleiman's small business started when their their daughter, Leila, was in preschool and Kelsey pushed for Dennis husband to photograph her class. The photos were great, the parents loved them, so Kleiman familly decided to start a small business which they called Stomping Ground. It all started with no investment other than their time. Kelsey built the website over three months with images from their daughter's preschool. They got a surge of press in the weeks after they launched and soon they got their first client - school from Los Angeles. This success story proves once again that the most profitable and successful business is usually born when you do what you love to do and what you can do in professional and unique way.

Source - Unique Business Ideas