Unique small business idea - Hold & Hug a Gator

pets business My today's post is about a successful small business idea for animal lovers. But not for those who have a cat or a hamster at home, but for those, who are a happy owners of much more exotic creatures. Like gators, for example. Mike Sturgill, 57, know more as "Gatorman Mike" has made a living on making photos of tourists holding and hugging his alligator. For a mere sum of $5 tourists and their kids can hug a five-year-old gator Baby Bobby weighing approximately 35-pounds. To ensure tourists' safety Bobby wears a padded velcro muzzle so this unusual experience is absolutely risk-free. Sturgill has a permanent and quiet popular exhibit "Hold & Hug an Alligator" in Naples Florida and plans to open new exhibits as soon as he reaches agreement with local authorities of neighbor cities. Sturgill has worked with alligators since 1997 beginning in Everglades City before opening his pets business few years ago so he had a considerable experience in working with these beasts. If your current work is also connected to exotic animals, then this interesting small business idea is just made for you!

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