Unique business idea - Naked Girls Reading

naked girls reading show Entertainment business is a market that is among the most quickly developing and sensitive to the changing interests and tastes of public. For the last decade such form of art as burlesque performance is on the top of people's wish-lists and it effects a lot the whole industry of entertainment. Keen entrepreneurs search for new forms of selling burlesque and sometimes they find truly unique business ideas. Naked Girls Reading began in Chicago in March 2009 as a small business of international showgirl Michelle LAmour and Franky Vivid. In 2008 they have opened Studio LAmour which hosted regular intimate live events – burlesque stars were reading literature masterpieces while beeing naked. Naked Girls Reading is a cross between a book club and burlesque and unites two passions - literature and beautiful naked women. Each evening is devoted to a special theme, like Science Fiction, Banned Bookes or books by Charles Dickens. Guests can sip a drink, watch, listen and enjoy this unusual show. Naked Girls Reading already have branches in many cities in US and, without any doubts, will develop further. So, if you like the idea, then hurry up to start your own Naked Reading show in your hometown before it's too!

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