Unique Japanese hotel - rooms with coffins

unique japanese hotel My blog features a wide collection of hotel business ideas: hotel for divorces, Hamster's villa, hotel on wheels etc. And although I've already read and heard about a lot of bizarre hotels, this one will be on first place of my list. A new bizarre hotel has opened its doors in suburbs of Japanese city Yokohama. From outside "Lastels" looks like an ordinary lodging, but all its rooms are equipped with refrigerated coffins as this is a special hotel for corps. Behind "Lastels" windows is an automated storage system, hidden away from mourners. It stores and chills corpses in coffins, delivering them through hatches and into a viewing room, day or night, whenever friends and family come to pay their respects. The cost of stay in the hotel is $157 per day. Usually "guests" do not stay at the hotel for more than four days. Japanese media predict a great popularity and commercial success to this unique business, as all the crematories in the city are overwhelmed and often there are situations when body is awaiting cremation for quiet a long time and there is nowhere to store it. I guess this problem exists not only in Japan, so if you already have small business related to funerals, take into consideration opening a similar hotel in your home town.

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