Success story - youtube for business

We all know that YouTube is a great source for any kind of information, funny videos, interesting lectures, news etc. But there are other, even more tempting opportunities there. Do you know how to use YouTube for business? There are various YouTube business models and here's a real example of how to earn millions on this site. Last year, David DeVore took his 7-year-old son to the dentist. The dentist injected anesthetic and removed the boy's tooth. The operation was successful, but an anesthetic injection had a strange effect on the child. On the return journey David and his son had a funny conversation that he recorded on a flip cam. The boy, in particular, said he sees that father has four eyes and asked "Is this real life and why this is happening." Movie was a hit on YouTube - it was viewed more than 56 million times. Enterprising father, who was selling real estate, made a successful business on this video. He created a website, started to sell T-shirts with the phrase his son's phrase "Is this real life?" for $20 each. Besides, David DeVore signed a contract with YouTube and sells right to use the image of his son. By 2010 he earned more than $100 000 on this unique business. Do you have any peculiar videos on your cam? Don't hesitate to upload them to YouTube, share, promote, add all possible monetizing extras for and you'll find out that YouTube is simply great for small business and can be a reliable source of extra income.

Source - Unique Business Ideas