The majority of my unique business ideas come from US, some of them from UK, Japan, Australia and Russia, but there are very very few business ideas from other countries. Although sometimes our European neighbors show real creativity and courage to start truly original businesses. My today's story is about unusual business from enterprising Germans. Two years ago, in 2009, the first (and only) National School of Driving baby stroller was opened in Germany. Seems to be quiet a weird business idea, but it really works and many mothers-to-be sign in for a full course that includes: basic knowledge about choosing the right stroller, lecture on driving rules (baby stroller is equated to a skate board in Germany and there are several rules that regulate the sriving of a stroller) as well as some practical lessons on how to drive your baby safe and carefully. The package of 5 theory lessons and 2 practical lessons costs 1000-1500 euros depending on a program. Do not rush to laugh and to twist at the temple. The idea at first glance is a delusion. But if you look a bit deeper... Just take a look on how young moms behave while walking with their kids. They can cross the road with a stroller, speaking on the phone with friends when green light has long been replaced by red. Other moms load stroller with bags and sacks that make it way too heavy and unwieldy. This, in turn, is risky for both mother and her baby, and for other vehicles and people on road. There are also ladies that "climb" road edges so harshly and aggressively that their baby almost flies out of the stroller. There can be only one conclusion - learning to drive a stroller is an important thing and a small business on baby stroller riding safety is a necessary thing for any big city.

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