Unique marketing strategy - erotic experience at a lingerie boutique

Sometimes it seems that the only thing you need to succeed in business is an interesting business idea or the right choice of business niche. Unfortunately this is just a part of success and you'll need something more to found a profitable company. Something like a unique marketing strategy, which will help to attract clients and stand among competitors. Like the one, that is used in a lingerie boutique in Milan. Angelique DeVil is a Milan based exclusive boutique of sexual lingerie, love toys and accessories. Apart from selling all the above mentioned items Angelique DeVil has three very special offers for their clients and those, who have not yet purchased anything at the shop, but could be a potential client. First offer is called "Sensual Fashion Set" and includes a photo session directed by professional fashion photographer in Angelique DeVil lingerie, hair & make-up stylist. This could be a great experience for those women who wish to explore the sensual aspects of their personality. The second special offer is a "Wishlist" - every lady is invited to come to the shop and create her own list of desires, which will serve as a guidebook for her boyfriend or husband, who'll arrive to the boutique to choose her gift. Such wishlist will help the desires of who gives and who receives to meet and to get satisfied. Last, but not least is the offer called "Sex, drinks and friend s" - a meeting with friends with private tour at the shop completed with drinks and chat. Great idea for an informal birthday party or any small celebration. The great thing about these offers is that apart from being a marketing trick to attract new customers, they all give additional income to the shop as all of these services are for payment. Advertising that doesn't require any investments, but rather give profit.

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