Unique hotel business niche - modular micro hotel

modul micro hotel There are hundreds and hundreds unique hotels all around the world and they all are divided in two major categories: those which aim to surprise customers by luxury and try to satisfy his every whim and those which attract clients by unusual and sometimes even bizarre concept. The hotel that I'm going to write about today is surely attributed to the second category. Dream and Fly is a modular micro hotel concept that can be located practically anywhere: airports, seaports, train stations etc. Each module is called a bubble and is in fact a small luxury room with a fully equipped bathroom / bedroom from 5 to 10 m2, offering a new type of comfort and at a low cost. Rooms can be rented for any time starting from 3 hours and are aimed for transit passengers who have no time to travel to the nearest hotel. The bubbles are highly economical and quick to install – all you need is an electrical and water systems. My main work involves quiet a lot of travelling and I know how desperately you may need some few hours of sleep while waiting for next flight. Renting a bubble in module micro hotel is a great alternative to snoozing on a bench and waking up with a headache. So, please, all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there – contact the founders of Dream and Fly and implement this unique business idea as quickly as possible. Gratitude of frequent travellers will know no bounds! www.dreamandfly.es

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