Bizarre business idea from Japan - ear cleaning parlor

ear-care service Amazing, but five years ago such simple hygenic procedure like ear cleaning in Japan was concedered a medical procedure that required special medical license. When finally Japanese government canceled this ridiculous law, a new type of small business developed in Tokyo. Ear-cleaning parlors began to open their doors all around the city. Yamamoto Mimikaki, one of Tokyo's biggest ear-care salons, was founded in 2006 and turned ear cleaning into a true art. First client is greeted by a young lady dressed in kimono. She serves tea and makes a small chat. Then cleint proceeded to the cabinet where he can relax while specialist gently scrapes excess wax out of his ears, as well as massages them and taps the shoulders. Such basic service package lasts 30 minutes and costs around $32. Idea of ear cleaning parlors once again proves that Japan has always been and will probably remain a homeland for bizarre business ideas as well as weird services. I doubt that ear-care services might be successful in Europe or US, but anyway, if you have a beauty parlor and are willing to offer your clients something new and exclusive – try out this idea. At least it will give you some free advertising in media and Internet as a first beauty parlor to offer something as weird.

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