Bizarre business ideas - men towels

bizarre business Christmas and New Year's Eve are approaching fast and people all around the world succumb to holiday fever, ready to spend astronomical sums for gifts. But not juts for any gift, the majority is searching for something very special. Business on unique gifts is blooming and bring huge profits so more and more entrepreneurs opt to invest in this business. The owners of the DickTowel company is among them. site specializes in producing unique design towels for men. A point of these towels design is that they have a print of male ass on the back side and on the front – guess what? Towel is available in two designs – for white and black men and costs $20. I'm pretty sure that my husband wouldn't be happy to receive such gift, but there are many men who are ready to laugh at themselves and who love this kind of funny stuff. So, without any doubts, this cool business idea should be successful.

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