Bizarre small business idea - Adopt a Pickled Onion

Charity is one of the leading phenomenons in developed countries. It's everywhere and nearly everyone has done something for charity at least once in a life while others make donations and help charity foundations on a regular basis. Fortunately (or unfortunately) charity is also a very good basis for successful small business and my today's post proves it perfectly. Diane Connor and three friends have set up a new online business appealing for veggies to save little onions that have been pickled in jars against their will. Actually it is an unusual themed e-shop selling greeting cards. For a mere sum of 6.99 GBP one of your friends or relatives will receive a package including a relevant greeting card, a glossy picture of a pickled onion and a detailed description of a rescue operation along with an Adoption Certificate. This package can be sent directly to your chosen recipient for their special day and will surely become a huge surprise. This small business idea might seem very bizarre or even totally crazy, but the funny thing is that it really works. Diane Connor even says that she hopes to make millions. People just love crazy startups and unique gifts. Anyway, time will tell if will reach million is sales and we'll follow their progress with interest!

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