Vending machine meet e-shop - Shopbox

Vending machine business is very popular in both US and Europe and has a lot of interesting business niches such as caviar vending machine or vending machine selling ties. Yet there's still lots of space for new creative ideas on this market and guys from 3rd Ward, the Brooklyn design incubator are among those who work to make shopping a thrilling experience. ShopBox is a giant vending machine built inside a repurposed shipping container. The container has been transformed into an amazing showcase: products are showcased on spinning multilevel pedestals illuminated with a colored light program. ShopBox is selling everything from tools to tables, all with edgy design and hard to find in any other shop. To make a purchase you need to sing up on an iPad at the side of container, text the order and wait for delivery. The unique concept of ShopBox is an interesting mix on an e-shop and vending machine. It sells products online and at the same time you have an opportunity to see them with your own eyes in a lighted showcase, presented effectively and attractive. Besides, comparing to a traditional vending machine, ShopBox allows to sell a much wider range of products as the size of a purchase is not limited with a size of a dispenser tray. ShopBox currently exists only in NYC, but I'm pretty sure that this unique business will succeed and expand to all other states. And, hopefully, company will share their business idea with entrepreneurs from other countries by selling franchise.

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