Unique online business - Talk O'Clock

I'm not a morning person and the hardest part of my day is to get myself out of bed after the alarm clock rings. The only thing that could possibly make this time better is to be woken up in some unusual way. That's exactly what you get by subscribing to a new unique online service Talk O'Clock. Talk O'Clock came up with an unusual online business idea - the social match making alarm clock that allows you to be woken up by a complete stranger. All that is required from your side is to pick up a time for a wake-up call and choose the sex of a person you want to talk to. A person who is matched to wake you up will also be connected to you anonymously. The interesting part is that he or she can wake you up in any way they want, so it's always be an intrigue when your phone call in the morning. The service is in beta testing stage right now but should be ready shortly. The good thing that I see about this service is that it doesn't have a snooze button like your phone. So, you'll have to get up right away and won't have any chances to get late for work. The bad thing is that you have no idea about what your wake up pal will say and there's a possibility that your morning might be spoiled… Anyway, I like this interesting online business idea and am pretty sure it will find its place under the sun of small business.

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