Green fashion business idea - skin-healing knitwear

XXI century is a time of green thinking, green living and green business. Any small business idea that is based on a eco-friendly concept will succeed much more then similar ideas without any green touch. Fashion business also didn't escape the influence of this hot business trend and more and more companies redirect to producing organic clothes. German based Innovation and Clothing factory went a step further and launched a unique eco-friendly clothing line. Twosquaremeters is a brand of clothing that claims to have skin-healing and nourishing properties inside their fabrics. They extract proteins, antioxidants and minerals from drained and skimmed milk and from seaweeds, process them into fiber and clothing becomes not only body warming, but also beneficial to your skin. Sounds like dream, isn't it? Twosquaremeter clothing is currently only available in German boutiques, but I hope they will expand to other countries soon. Have a small fashion boutique or clothing shop? Speak German or know how to use Google Translate? Contact these guys quickly as anyone who will be first to present such sensational clothing in the country will bring business profitability to new level. There are so many ladies out there that will be eager to get their hands on skin-healing sweaters and I'm among them!

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