Interesting small business idea - Wurkin Stiffa collar stays

Attention to detail is the key to a well-dressed man: a combination of shining shoes, well fitted suit and stylish shirt is able to make any man simply stunning! And if a problem of shoe shine is easily solved with good shoe polish and suit can be fitted by good tailor, then a way to an impeccable shirt is much more complicated. Men were struggling for ages to keep their shirt collars from dropping. Joshua Boos from Saratoga faced the same problem, but was keen enough find a solution and start a successful small business. Joshua's company The Wurkin Stiffs produces collar stays that are inserted into a man's shirt collar to stiffen it and prevent the points from curling up. The difference between traditional collar stays and Wurkin Stiffs is the stylish look that they have: each stay is made of high-quality stainless steel, fully polished and equipped with a powerful magnet that holds the stay in place, ensuring an impeccable look. A play on tech for a geeky male. These power collar stays can be a great gift to a father for Father's Day or to a boyfriend for Valentine's Day. Wurkin Stiff is a good example of a profitable small business that grew up from a personal need of its creator. Joshua Boos realized that if he's in need of some solution for this problem, then he can offer it to other brothers in misfortune and get a good source of income. That's exactly what I would advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs – think of what product or service you and your friends/relatives would be happy to pay for and start your own business!

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