Travel experience in a bottle - The Scent of Departure

Today I decided to move on with a theme of unique travel experiences and post an interesting business idea that's on the verge of travel, perfumery and design. The Scent of Departure brand in cooperation with Gérald Ghislain perfume creator launched a collection of unusual perfumes designed for duty free shops only. Sp far collection features five perfumes inspired by the cities of Frankfurt, Budapest, Vienna, Munich and Istanbul. The idea behind the collection is that a scent is able to evoke vivid and pleasant memories of a certain place. Or city, in this case. Each perfume is sold exclusively in the duty free airport stores of the cities they symbolize, in a cool glass bottle featuring the airport's three-letter code on a boarding-pass tag. Munich smells like an iced lemon tea on a picnic in the Englischer Garten. Vienna has a scent of gourmand pastries with notes of vanilla, liquorice, chocolate and coffee. The perfume of Istanbul evokes a memory of lively Grand Bazaar with aromas of grapefruit, bergamot, elemi, pink pepper and sweet spices. Budapest smells like a powdery wind of paprika spicy and Frankfurt has a fruity, spar kling and joyful aroma of flowers and wood. The Scent of Departure perfumes seem like a great alternative to the typical souvenirs that we bring from trips. It would be nice to say: "Honey, it's a pity you couldn't come with me so I brought you a piece of Istanbul in a bottle". You can't share your travel experience, but you can at least give an idea of it. And what an interesting marketing trick! You are guaranteed to buy this perfume even if the scent is not that good only because you loved the city.

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