Unique small business - the Love Post Office

Psychologists say that there is such a thing as a "crisis of 7 years of marriage." The amount of omissions and discontent accumulated during these years reach the highest grade and leads to a serious tention in relationship. China's authorities are very much concerned about the growing number of divorces in the country and decided to take a very unusual action to improve the situation. The Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs in collaboration with the local branch of the Chinese-mail offers newlyweds to write each other love letters which will be delivered with delay of 7 years. The procedure is easy: romantic letter costs 30 yuan ($4.69) each and looks like a greeting card. One should just add his/her own message of love and post it. The Love Post Office will keep the letter for seven years before sending it. The project was launched in Haidin District only, but if it will prove to be successful, then similar Love Post Office might appear in other parts of the country. Though Chinese Love Post Office is not a commercial project and is aimed to resolve social problems, the idea itself seems to be very suitable for small business. Newlyweds love all kind of rituals that add a touch of romanticism to the ceremony and writing a love letter with 7-year delay would definitely be on the top of the list. So, if you are in search of profitable small business idea, take this one. Simpy add some extras (beautiful box for storing letters, nice ceremony, music etc.) and I'm pretty sure this small business will bring you some extra cash!

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