Successful business ncihe for dental clinic - yaeba

Business market of cosmetic procedures is among the most fast developing and responsible to the world fashion trends. You can make order a Jennifer Lopez's bum, lips like Angelina Jolie has or make Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle. But all this already out of trend. New fashion craze rules the world – vampire style. A dental salon Plaisir in Tokyo's Ginza district has become very popular after it advertised a new cosmetic procedure that lengthens and sharpens canines to enhance a feature Japanese call "yaeba". Yaeba means double tooth in Japanese, but it doesn't mean the dental imperfection, but rather the vampire-like look that it gives. In Western countries crooked teeth were always considered as a dental defect, but in Japan they are considered being cute. The technique is quiet simple: vampire teeth are fastened to the patient's canine teeth with non-permanent adhesive. The enhancements are tailored for fit like a glove and are applied in a similar way. I'm pretty sure that after an incredible popularity of The Twilight Saga such unique dental business niche will be highly demanded among younger girls and boys who dream of resemble Bella and Edward. Don't know if European and US dental clinics already offer something similar, but they really should consider at as such service would significantly increase their profitability and make their business way more successful.

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