Cool business idea - Facebook and Twitter apps

foto mug Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are a great source of extra income for creative minds with programming skills. Numerous applications for users of these networks appear each day, but there's still plenty of space for new business ideas on this market. Use the story below as a source of inspiration and start your own small business on Facebook and Twitter apps. The project CrowdedInk Lab was founded by KG Miller in 2008. He developed a software and started to produce cool mugs with photos of clients' friends from Twitter and Facebook. It all works very easy: the user selects from the list of his FB or TW friends those, whom he wants to see on his mug and excludes all others. Then program decorates a mug with photos of selected friends, user puts it in the basket, draws up the order for delivery, pays $15 and gets a custom made mug within few days. Recently, CrowdedInk Lab added another product - a key charm with Facebook and Twitter friends' photos. It costs only $ 4. Both foto mug and key charm are very popular among Internet users and they symbolize their status in social networks. People buy these souvenirs for themselves and as a unique gift for any occasion.

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