Interesting business - online shopping aggregator

thefind There are two major passions of modern society – social networks and shopping. Generation of the 21st century is deservedly called a consumer society that experiences a severe shortage of communication. What conclusions should follow from the above written? New business ideas that will bring together these two passions are very welcomed and will surely get paid off! is a six-year old online shopping comparison site, online retail aggregator and search engine that offers both mobile, Web and in-store shopping. This site helps shoppers to find products from more than 500,000 stores and online shopping sites. TheFind has a very interesting business idea – it unites social network functions (socializing, sharing experience, advising etc.) with online shopping that includes reassuring you about the price, providing additional information like coupons and product reviews, as well as helping locate nearby stores which offer same products. For users' convenience TheFind also has apps for Android smart phones and iPads. Besides working on the two major passions of modern society, TheFind business idea also involves another important factor that guarantees popularity and profitability of this service – the herd instinct. If some of my friends has already bought this or ordered that, then what am I waiting for?! Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge of fashion, have the coolest stuff and the trendiest gadgets. TheFind gives users the opportunity to track the tendencies in shopping and this is what assures it a bright future.

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