Greeting card business idea - pet cards

holiday pet cards Sending holiday cards is a great way to spread holiday cheer to friends and family, to wish them all the best and to show that you remember and care about them. Yet traditional xmas greeting cards are a bit boring and many people are in search of some interesting card designs for this holiday season. Entrepreneurs feel the demand and tend to satisfy it, coming up with new products. Minted is an online store selling greeting cards with stylish designs from independent graphic designers. This year they offered new creative pet-themed designs for animal lovers - holiday dog photo cards. You can upload images of your pets, choose a background, greeting text and add the reindeer antlers for a touch of humor. There are also versions available for 2-3 photos of pets and/or people. You can even purchase a complete set with envelopes, liners, labels and simply put your greeting card into a mailbox. Holiday pet cards is an interesting business idea for those who are in greeting card business or sell handmade xmas cards. That's definitely something new and fresh, a good alternative for people who would like to keep the tradition of sending xmas greeting cards, but want to do it in a fun way.

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