Cool restaurant business idea - graffiti wall

ginos east pizzeria In "Restaurant business idea" category I usually write about unusual restaurants all over the world. But today my story will be about quiet an ordinary establishment – pizzeria – which attracts customers in a creative and unusual way. Gino's East is a Chicago-based restaurant chain, notable for its deep-dish pizza baked in cast-iron pans. For years it had a tradition to write or carve one's name or other messages on the wooden interior walls, which soon became an important aspect of the Gino's East brand. Now Gino's East pizzeria turned this tradition into an unusual entertainment for their guests - while waiting for pizza, visitors can try their hand at graffiti art, drawing some sketch on the wall specifically allocated for this purpose. Along with tasty pizza, this unique marketing trick has turned Gino's East into a very successful business. When starting a business we usually concentrate on major things, but hardly pay attention to small details which can attract customers and provide you with word of mouth advertising as well as good reputation. And it's difficult to overestimate the importance of these two aspects in a profitability of any company.

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