Niche business ideas - diy food kits

diy cheese making kit Opening a food business may seem a very attractive idea as this market is huge and highly profitable. But competition is severe and newcomers might find it difficult to get a piece of market share. Yet world food market still has plenty of space for niche business ideas in case they are unique and creative. Need an example? Here it is! Ella Kinloch from Calgary, Canada, was once a school teacher, but left her full time work to devote her time to a true passion – making cheese. She had a 4-month cheese making internship followed by meetings with many cheese makers in North America. Probably that's when she came up with a very interesting small business idea – providing people with a specially designed kits to make cheese at home. Currently Make Cheese Inc. sells two different cheese making kits: Lotsa Motza for making mozzarella (there's everything needed to make 300 grams of cheese for about 30 times), and Proud Poutine which is a traditional Canadian dish of cheese curd served on fries with gravy. Besides, Ella Kinloch also runs cheese making classes where anyone can learn to make mozzarella for a decent sum of CND 20. Company plans to develop further and to bring new kits for other cheese types. Diy food is among small business trends 2012 and diy food kits are very popular gifts both in Europe, US and Australia. The best thing about such kits is that you don't only get a gourmet food you want, but also fun of making it, together with friends or family. So, if you know any good diy food recipes and know how to make necessary supplies – don't wait any longer, catch a trend while it's still hot!

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