Winter business idea - mountain rentals

winter business I'm a passionate skier, but, unfortunately, there are no decent mountains in my country. So, when winter comes I start searching the web for interesting skiing offers abroad to book myself at least one skiing holiday. This time I have stumbled upon an offer that has caused a lot of discussions and attracted attention of mass media. Liftopia, the US based discount ski ticket site, has launched a unique winter business – entire mountain rentals. Liftopia in cooperation with Plattekill Mountain in Roxbury, New York; Mt Abram in Greenwood, Maine; Camden Snow Bowl in Camden, Maine; and Whaleback in Enfield, New Hampshire offers to rent an entire mountain (or just a part of even and even a dedicated tubing hill) exclusively for yourself. You can use all slopes to enjoy skiing or snowboarding and to hone your technique without anyone getting in the way. This pleasure is not cheap and the rental price varies from $900 for one slope up to $3000 for entire mountain and more. I'm a bit surprised that European companies do not have any similar offers so far. There are so many skiing resorts and so many skiing fans who can easily afford a pleasure of renting a mountain. Due to the lack of foresight these companies lose potential profits that this winter business idea would surely bring. To keep being on top entrepreneurs should always be open to new business ideas! Flexibility in business always pay off.

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