Interesting business niche - personalized drinks

uflavor drink During this year we were watching how business is turning its face to the customer, learn to be flexible and follow the changing demands of clients. These demands are very different, but there's one thing that unite them all – customers look for personalized service and personalized products. This applies to all business markets, especially to food business market. UFlavor is an Indianapolis based company that follows one of the hottest consumer trends 2011 – use-generated content. But this company brings it to a completely new level. UFlavor in cooperation with with flavor company Flavors of North America (FONA) launched an online beverage marketplace where users can create a personalized drink, mixing up 42 ingredients, choosing color, name and even label. Drink will be produced and shipped directly to user's home address. UFlavor is currently available only in BETA version, but company already revealed their ambitious plans for 2012 – vending machines. Customers will be able to select flavor combination or a combination created by someone else and the drink will be mixed and bottled on the spot. Following latest consumer trends along with choosing an interesting business niche is an easy and quick way to business success!

Source - Business Ideas