Low budget marketing - successful promotion campaign

promotion campaign The majority of new business owners know from their own experience how hard it may be to enter an existing market and get a market share of your business is not unique and there are lots of competitors out there. Only solution is to organize a massive advertising campaign which usually requires significant investments that aspiring entrepreneurs might not posses. Well, actually there are many ways to promote your small business even if you are on a low budget. The story below proves it perfectly. The Spanish marriage agency, whose head office is located in Malaga (Andalusia), held a unique promotion campaign dedicated to the opening of its new online dating site. On October 12, when the whole of Spain celebrates its National Day, several hundreds of balloons were released to the sky above the central city park - a traditional place of public festivals. Each balloon had a little note with a numbers of particular online profile of one of agency's clients: blue balloons had numbers of profiles of male clients and red – of female clients. In addition, each ball was painted in an additional color, signifying the age of participants: up to 35 years, from 35 to 45, from 45 to 55 and over 55 years. Anyone wishing to find a soul mate could choose a balloon and get the number of profile corresponding to the number on agency's site. An unusual promotion campaign of the site was previously announced in local media and on Internet. Organizers invited single people to register on a new dating site, fill out a questionnaire and sign in for participation in this balloon-event. According to online dating site owners, this promotion campaign gathered over 500 people. And fifteen thousand people have registered on the site within next two weeks after the event was held. Successful ad campaigns should be a true public show and Spanish dating specialists did it great. A perfect example to follow!

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