Sustainable business - eco wise vacuum cleaner

vacuum cardboard cleaner Nowadays, when environmental problems get more and more attention in mass media and society, green lifestyle becomes very popular and I would even say trendy. International business responds to this new business trend and companies search for green business ideas to attract more customers. Luckily, many young people, designers and engineers, get involved and enter business market with innovative ideas and creative approach. The 22-year-old industrial design student at Loughborough University Jake Tyler has created a unique eco wise product – cardboard vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is made from corrugated cardboard panels, which can be replaced if damaged and cost few times less then equivalent plastic panels. Vacuum cleaner has -retardant coating and cardboard panels are water repellant. Other components in the vacuum are made from recyclable nylon plastic. It's an absolutely great and inspiring example of sustainable business, which has no negative impact on environment, society or economy. Besides, it's a very customer friendly product - people can personalise their vacuums by drawing pictures on the cardboard. No doubts, that this green business idea has a great future!

Source - Business Ideas