Top business ideas 2011 - best Russian startups

best business 2011 It becomes a good tradition to celebrate the end of the year by making a summary and posting the top of best business ideas that started and boomed for the past 12 months. Lets keep it up this year as well! Top 10 best Russian web startups who raised millions in funds and earned millions for their owners is under cut. 1. Startup that collected the largest online database of Russian hotels and combined it with hotel reviews from one of the leading travel sites – This project gained huge popularity, becoming nr. 1 on Russian online travel market and raising $5 millions in venture capital from European investors. 2. Gaming site that reached 60 million game downloads without any investments. ZeptoLab also makes money on branching their games into comic books and toys. 3. This coupon service is an extremely successful project that skyrocketed from 0 to a monthly income of $15 millions in less then two years. Biglion was funded by Tiger Global and Ru-Net. 4. A service similar to Conduit that offers browser toolbar creation. For faster growth project raised $1 million in funds. 5. A web server, reverse proxy and e-mail proxy software provider that showed phenomenal growth of traffic and profits, becoming Nr. 2 on the Web. Project raised $3 million from global venture capital investors. One of the main challengers for title of Best Business 2011. 6. Online shoe store is the first project launched in Russia by Samwer brothers' Rocket Internet with funding from various companies. Showed significant growth in 2011 and proved to be a truly promising internet startup 2011. 7. – an internet startup that delivers a web recommendation and discovery service to end-users. Lets see if this project, backed up by $3 million funding will kick Stumbleupon's ass. 8. A co-project of Russian and American entrepreneurs - cloud computing software vendor. 9. Kids' goods online retailer competes on an overcrowded children goods market. This project is backed up by Index Ventures'. 10. Online commerce is booming in Russia. This online shopping club was in top businesses 2010 and made headlines in April 2011 when it closed $55 million round from Bessemer, Balderton and Russia Partners, the largest internet startup funding in Russia.

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