Vending ideas - vending machine to swap things

Swap-O-Matic In Christmas Eve, when all molls are crowded with people, running around with bulging eyes and hung with shopping bags, it's good to remind what this day is really about. It's not about spending all your savings in shopping centers and it's not about hunting dicounts, it's about giving away and doing something for someone's good! The business idea below is a great example of how to do it in a nice and burdensome way. The Swap-o-matic is a new vending machine which reminds us unconscious consumption, which became a true religion of XXI century should be replaced by recycling. The machine allows users to donate and receive items, instantly and for free. Though items in the machine (donated by users) do not cost the recipient any money, to get them he or she should have "credits". A credit is earned when the user donates to the system, and a credit is required to retrieve an item from the machine. New users receive 3 credits to start. Machine is easily controlled by the touch screen interface on the front of the machine. Swap-o-matic is a great invention and is absolutely essential in big cities, where people had long and firmly forgotten, that reusing and recycling can be just as fun as buying something new. Yet MUCH more correct and responsible.

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