Top 10 cool business ideas for stickers

Unique, personalized stickers for any occasion. 1. Foot stickers foot-stickers Unique product by Nike EMEA. An alternative from snickers for those, who love to go barefoot yet don't like dirty feet as well as slipperyness. Besides, foot stickers protect pedals from injuries. 2. Garment Guard sticker for sweaty armpits garment guard sticker If you are familiar with sweaty armpit problem and antiperspirants doesn't seem to help, then this is your solution. Stick these cotton stickers to the inside of the shirt and they will absorb sweat, keeping skin dry. 3. Stickr Frames stickr frames A practical way to display photos - moveable and reusable stickers in shape of photo frames. Simply peel off the backing, attach your photos and stick on the wall. 4. Beauty Alert stickers beauty alert stickers Expiration date labels for cosmetics. Now you won't have any trouble remembering when to replace your night cream or mascara. 5. Drinkmarx drinkmarx Customizable colored bands for identifying your bottle. They fit all of the most commonly used beverage containers. They are available in a variety of colors and designs. Markers are dishwasher safe and reusable. 6. Lovable Labels lovable labels Personalized stick-on labels to identify all your children's belongings. 7. Infectious car stickers infectious car stickers Infectious is a cool startup that sells specially designed car stickers that will spice up your car and make it truly unique. Stickers can survive up to 2 years through car washes and bad weather. 8. Infectious stickers for mobile phones infectious mobile skin Edgy design stickers (or skins) for mobile phones to help you express your personality through your mobile. 9. "I Park Like an Idiot" sticker i-park-like-an-idiot sticker A bumper stickers that helps you to inform drivers who can't park properly of their asshole status. Who knows, maybe this will remind them about the need to improve their poor parking techniques. 10. Stickers for light switches from Ziemowit Maj designer stickers-for-light-switches Cool stickers to give a unique touch to light switches in your office or at home.

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