Cool business idea for winemakers - meteorite wine

business idea I'm always telling that unique business idea is a perfect way to success. However, that's not 100% true. Unique product or service is a very good base for successful business, but if you can't think of any, then use your imagination and add a touch of uniqueness to a common one. Ian Hutcheon, astronomer from Norwich, England, came up with cool business idea – meteorite wine. He says that for many years he shared passion for astronomy and wine, trying to find a way to combine them both. „Meteorito" wine, created in Tremonte Vineyards, Chile, from Cabernet Sauvignon grape is the result. Cabernet Sauvignon for this very special wine is aged with an 8cm wide meteorite that was formed during the birth of the solar system and once belonged to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. About 6 000 years ago it crashed into Atacama Desert in Northern Chile and now helps Hutcheon to add a more „livelier" taste to his wine. So far Ian Hutcheon produced about 10 000 litres of meteorite wine which created a lot of attention in media and was even mentioned in Chile's national news. Although the first bottle of "Meteorito" wine was sold in 2011, it already gained popularity and fame its creator. This proves that sometimes you don't even have to produce a unique product or service, just make up a thrilling legend and enjoy profits floating to your pockets!

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