First hand interview. Jack Grant, CigaRV "Many business ideas end up being just good ideas that should never be tried as a full-blown business"

mobile cigar lounge Earlier this month I've posted an article about an interesting business idea – mobile cigar lounge. This post got very popular and I decided to contact the co-owner of this project, Jack Grant, to tell you a bit more about how this idea appeared and what it took to start this business. Thus I will also give a fresh start to the tradition of first-hand interviews with successful entrepreneurs. 1. How did the idea of mobile cigar lounge appeared? Did you have to leave a full-time work to devote yourself to business? I had just left a partnership in a local cigar lounge and I wanted to continue in the business. I knew I didn't want to spend the time and money on a brick-and-mortar establishment and try to convince people to come to me. I thought, with the increasingly strict smoking laws, it would be better to take cigars to people when and where they wanted them. So the search was on for the right vehicle to accomplish that plan. 2. What difficulties did you encounter starting your business? The typical hurdles in starting a business; finding capital, etc. But the real issue with a tobacco business was making sure we could function within the laws and guidelines that are required. That piece took some extra time and research. 3. What was the initial investment process like? Well, it took investments and loans from nearly a dozen others aside from myself. I formed a corporation and traded shares of it for cash and labor. 4. What would you advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? Do a lot of research directed at who you believe your target audience to be. Many business ideas end up being just good ideas that should never be tried as a full-blown business. Make sure you're going to pursue something that is going to have a wider reach than just you and the people you hang out with all the time.

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