Sustainable business idea - eco vehicle for parents

sustainable business I bet you all have seen young ladies in sport suits jogging or skating while pushing the baby stroller? Young mums try hard to combine the two important tasks – to regain a pre-pregnancy figure and to spend much time outdoors with their babies. But jogging with a baby stroller is definitely not that comfortable and, besides, not safe for the child. Luckily, there are entrepreneurs who saw the demand for a harmonic combination of sporting and walking with a baby and came out to the children goods' market with a unique product. Taga Bike is a multifunctional lightweight urban vehicle that converts between a baby stroller and carrier bike within 20 seconds. Parents can ride their children around the city, but when the destination is reached, convert it into a compact stroller and enter the premises, ride an elevator or ascend steps. Besides being highly practical, Taga Bike is also an eco vehicle suitable for citizens who opt for green lifestyle. This unique bike costs $1495, which may seem like an expensive proposition, but given the prices of bike and baby stroller, it results quiet reasonable. Taga Bike official video Taga Bike results to be a very successful business and the best proof is that upon pushing on "Buy" button you get left with "We are currently out of stock" inscription. When coming to a market with new product you have to project the possible amount of sales and you better be realistic to avoid situation when your stock is full, but there are no crowds at the door of your shop/office. Yet you better develop a Plan B in case your prediction was too pessimistic as "Out of stock" is not a good way to welcome new customers.

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