Online business on broken hearts

online business idea If your heart is broken and your relationship or marriage lies in ruins, then what can possibly bring a relief? Well, there hardly is something other than time. But you can't heal your broken heart, then, may be, it is worth to at least make some few bucks on selling things that remind you of your ex? Never Liked it Anyway is a new startup - marketplace where newly singles can sell their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend's gifts. Site works just like Ebay, where you can list your items for a certain price. There you can find wedding gowns, clothing, accessories, electronics, jewellery and other items originally given to impress. besides, there is a directory called "The Juice" where users share their sad stories and a "Moving On Manual" to help overcome that bad partnership. This is a very promising idea for business as there are thousands of couples breaking up each day and ex lovers usually don't want to keep on to memories. So I'm pretty sure that there's still space on the market for new similar projects.

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