Vending machine business - drinks & wifi

vending ideas Vending machine business is a very profitable niche which is great from one side, but has certain disadvantages from the other side. High competition is among them. To attract customers and ensure their loyalty vending business owners use all kind of marketing tricks. A major Japanese beverage maker Asahi in 2012 will equip its vending machines with wireless Internet access points. No registration and password will be required. Points will be open to any devices - smartphones, notebooks and tablets. One connection to vending machine's wifi will operate 30 minutes. After it ends user will simply have to connect again to continue the session. In addition to the usual content user will see local advertising and some useful information related to the location of the machine. Although wifi access doesn't have anything to do with whether you buy something from vending machine or not, I'm still pretty sure that this marketing strategy will help to boost sales and increase profits. Anyway, time will show and I'll carefully follow news about this interesting vending idea.

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