Online business idea - employees' moral evaluation

happiily startup Keeping a team motivated and positive can have a huge impact on any business, helping to achieve goals and succeed. But how can a manager test employees' morale and evaluate it objectively? Tete-a-tete talk can reveal some of the issues, but most probably employees won't be too sincere sitting in front of their boss. Well, now there's an easy and nice solution to this problem. Happiily is an internet startup 2011 where any work team members can anonymously and securely share their sentiment across four key areas of their working day: The work they do, the person they work for, the people they work with and the company they work for. Employees fill out a questionnaire specifically designed to understand their current feelings about work life. Users are also able to send out "shouts", which are similar to tweets, to share feelings quickly. Happiily anonymously compiles mood scores to provide managers a full data for an overall picture of how an entire company is feeling. Project was launched quiet recently and is so far free of charge. This interesting online business idea offers an important tool for managers and small business owners who want to build a strong and motivated team. No doubts such service will be highly demanded and Happiily will be commercially successful.

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