Trendwatching - dollar stores rebirth

dollar store Successful business in recession sounds more like a children's fairy tale, isn't it? But, actually, there are some business niches that not only keep same profit level when everyone around goes through tough times, but is also booming. Dollar stores, where frugal shoppers can buy all kind of useful items for $0.99-1,00. American dollar stores are experiencing a rebirth. Shops selling goods worth about one dollar a piece, after the 2008 crisis and stagnation in the economy have become extremely popular. "Dollar" savings represent the new American philosophy. According to statistics about 42% of people earning $ 30,000 a year or less visit such shops on a regular basis. But these are not the only clients. New clients of dollar stores are people, who earn more then $30,000, but are very concerned about keeping the same level of income or are afraid to lose their welfare due to problems at work or rising expenses. These people get a very special pleasure from hunting low cost goods. All this explains why dollar stores were among the star retail performers this holiday season. And I'm pretty sure that they will remain on top of the list of successful businesses in 2012 as well as world economy is far from healing and experts say that new economic recession is just around the corner. So, if your plan for 2012 includes a "start my own business", then consider opening a dollar store.

Source - Business Ideas