Ideas for business - random sandwich service

randwiches The more choice you have, the harder it gets to stop on something, right? Specially when choosing something for lunch or dinner? Should it be sushi? Or maybe fresh Italian pasta? Or should I just take a fresh Cesar's salad? All those "or", "maybe" and "should I" can get pretty tiring… The obvious decision is to simplify things by removing the choice and that's exactly what NYC entrepreneurs did! Randwhiches, a Brooklyn (NY) based sandwich service, offers customers a lunch with a touch of mystery – randwich, or random sandwich. Randwiches are available with different gourmet fillings like duck salami, Irish cheddar, smoked mayo, onion jam on rosemary foccacia etc. But the most exciting part is that you never know what you're going to get. Customers of this new startup must place online orders at least two days in advance, and pay $7 for each randwich via PayPal or Venmo. I just love this unique business idea! Great combination of excitement, surprise and gourmet food (well, at least customers' reviews are quiet positive). Wish all the best to this company and their unusual service.

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