Weird business - notarization of predictions

weird business A unique notary office opened its doors in one of US cities. These law specialists provide notarization services for forecasts and predictions made by psychics and fortune tellers. Notary office operates in a suburb of Saint Paul (MN) and offers all people who possess extraordinary abilities and use them to earn a living to improve their reputation and attract more customers. Now everyone can notarize his predictions and forecasts. If time shows that they were true, then physic or fortune-teller will have a conclusive proof of his or her abilities. This notary office also provides regular legal services, but its owners make an emphasis on their unique specialization. Notarization on predictions might seem a weird business idea, yet there is a certain sense in it – there are about 70 companies, that provide "supernatural" services in Saint Paul and that's quiet a large target audience. So, this unique business has good chances to succeed.

Source - Business Ideas