Blog for money: vol.2 – how to make money on blog?

Check out part 1: Blog for money: vol.1 – how to blog? Your blog is ready, you have already started writing and posting interesting and useful articles and attracted a certain number of readers. Now your next step is to start blogging for money. There are dozens of blog monetizing options, but I'll only write about 6 sure-fire basic ways to earn cash on your blog: 1. Affiliate programs. Some sites are willing to pay for attracting customers via blogs. Simply register as an affiliate partner, get a link, place it on your blog and get your money for each lead or purchase that your readers make on that site. 2. Contextual advertising. This is a text advertising that appears on your blog. You get rewarded for referrals from your site to the links in these ads. The most popular contextual advertising is offered by Google search engine - AdSense. 3. Selling text links through the automated system. You can register for TextLinkAds, LinkWorth or similar system and get paid for placing their advertising links on your blog. The higher is your PageRank, the more unique visitors you have, the more you earn. 4. Direct sale of advertising. You can earn money on blog by placing banner ads and text links, selling them directly to customers or SEO agencies. Prepare a short and informative advertising offer and send it out to different agencies and to small business owners who might be interested in placing ads to your blog. The majority of your e-mails will stay without response, but if you are persistent enough, then sooner or later you'll get customers. 5. Paid posts or SEO copywriting. You can write paid posts praising a product or service of an advertiser and get money for it. Some bloggers take $ 10 for a post of about 1000 letters, other take $100, $300 and even more, depending on blog's PageRank and traffic. 6.Donation. Place a "Donate" banner from PayPal on your blog, offering your readers to say thank you for useful information by sending some few dollars to your Paypal account. This is the less profitable blog monetizing option, yet if you want to get paid for blogging, you shouldn't ignore it. These are the main ways to make money on blog. But no matter how good they are, they will generate good income only if used properly, and if your blog has good traffic. The more visitors you have, the more income you can get. If number of visitors doubles, then it is likely that income will also rise by half. Work hard, remember about your goal and you'll get rewarded!

Source - Business Ideas